These Emulators (all freeware) will allow you to play your favorite games (ROMs) on any computer. However, you'll have to Google/find the ROMs yourself.

FYI: The older games aren't that heavy in size, they pretty much equal the size of an mp3 file. Gamecube and Wii on the other hand requires way more space on your HDD and may take a long time do download.

Nes Emulators 
Nestopia (Win, Linux, Mac OS)
Nostalgia (For Android phones & tablets)

Snes Emulators
Snes9x ( Win, Linux, Mac OS)
ZSnes (Win, DOS, Linux)
Super Gnes Lite (For Android phones & tablets)
SNESDroid (For Android phones & tablets)

Nintendo 64 Emulators
Project64 (Win)
Mupen64Plus (Win, Linux, Mac OS)
SuperN64 (For Android phones & tablets)

Nintendo Gamecube and Wii Emulators
Dolphin (Win, Linux, Mac OS)
Dolphin (For Android phones & tablets)

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