This blog was created to inform and help other retro gamers finding the right equipment to enjoy a more afforable way to enjoy those great games we used to play while growing up.

I myself wanted to play on consoles but now 30 years later the prices have really gone through the roof and could end up ruining you, especially if you want more than just one or two gaming systems with a fair amount of quality games to boot. Mind you, I'm not a game collector nor intend to ever become one. I just like to consume a cold one (or two) during a weekend while punching Mike Tyson's lights out on the Nes.

After trying out a few Emulators on the PC i felt it just wasn't the same, something was missing.
It was fun to see the good old games again but the excitement went away rather quickly, it didn't feel like I was playing the same games for some reason so I looked for a way to get around that and I found it - Retro USB Controllers!
Luckily, there's a variety to pick from for just a couple of bucks a pop so why not collect them all?

If you're completely new to Emulators and everything else regarding the subject of gaming, I suggest checking out the "How-to" page followed by the "Emulator" page to get started - All you need is a computer. 

Happy gaming!
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